Fair Housing Policy
Joedy Sharpe Construction Company, any and all affiliates, and business associates subscribe to the principles of the Federal Free Housing Act. The
Federal Free Housing Act makes it illegal to exercise any intent and advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color,
religion, sex, disability, familial status, or national origin.

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Privacy Policy
Joedy Sharpe Construction Company (I, we, us, our), a Kentucky corporation, recognizes the value of protecting the privacy of information harvested
from its web sites. This privacy statement discloses our approach to information gathered from our site.

Personal information is not sold or shared with other third party businesses. This information is utilized solely for the benefit of determining the value
and acceptance of our products. The statistics gathered enable us to design and re-design our product offering to reflect market changes in consumer

We cannot assure that your personal information and privacy is not compromised by third party intrusions. Our web site is developed with Yahoo
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In the event we should add a third party vendor we will suggest, but cannot control, their use and application of information provided by "you" the

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Content Disclaimer
Our web site is provided “as is”. We do not warrant the performance, information accuracy, error free data transmission, material and/or any potential
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The Joedy Sharpe Construction Company web sites have been created exclusively for informational purposes. We strive to provide accurate and
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Designs, specifications, promotions, product pricing, product availability, home information is subject to change at any time. All home offerings are
subject to the prior sale rule.
The use of our site is strictly at “your own peril”.

You hereby acknowledge, and hold Joedy Sharpe Construction Company harmless, free from liability for any and all damages which could arise from
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